PPMP Support FAQ

Files not opening in PPMP Fix.

If you cannot view any of the attached Letters, Attendance notes, SMS Templates, Receipt or Invoice / Documents.

This is occuring because the PPMP workstation cannot read the server in order to view these files. (All your files are saved on the server).

Please follow the below guide on how to fix this:

Find the network path name.

Go to Setup > Computer resource usage in PPMP.

Go to More PPMP Options > Enter in the network > Press OK
For this practice the network path is \\darren-pc\ppmp
Your network path will be different, please replace as necessary.

The files should now be visible in PPMP.
For a permanent fix, please ensure that your IT checks your network/router connection to always be connected as this path will reset when it cannot navigate to the data path.
Below we can test the datapath by typing it into windows explorer and you should be able to see some files.
If you cannot see any files, please contact your IT to reconnect your network.

PPMP login will become disabled in 90 days message when I login?

If you have recently updated PPMP, you will notice that the below message may be displayed during login.

It is a security update which is notifying you that the usual username/password: ppmp that you use to login will no longer work at 90 days.
You will need to setup your own username & password within PPMP.
Go to staff > setup to do this:

Next go to Admin Staff > Add New Staff > Enter the receptionist details.
The Login & Password set here is the Username & Password you will use to login to PPMP every morning.
Press Save.

Select the account you just created in the list and press Set Access Levels button.

Tick all the sections that you would like to grant access for this account.
(Ticking everything will allow full access of PPMP)
Then Press Save.

Now you will use the newly created details to login to PPMP instead of using PPMP as the username/password.
Repeat this process for every reception staff member.
(Practitioners will already have an account under Staff > Setup to login, select them and change the username / password that is desired.)

Adding or removing a practitioner from PPMP.

Go to Setup > Staff.

Select Add New.

Enter in the new practitioner details and press Save.
If you need to remove the practitioner, uncheck the Currently employed checkbox then press Save.

Press the Provider Nos tab and enter in all the information below and Press Update Provider No Details to ALL Payment Methods.
Ensure you repeat this process for EACH treatment location & Save.

If you need to add the new practitioner into the diary, Go to Setup > Diary standard Entries

Navigate to one of the seven days you would like to add the new practitioner, in this example we will add Shaun in for every Monday.

Right click anywhere in the column you would like to add the practitioner name up the top for and select change column practitioner.

Then select the practitioner you would like to change this column for.
Or select unspecified if you simply want to remove the practitioner.

You have successfully added the new practitioner for that day only. Please repeat the process for the other days (e.g. Tuesday - Sunday etc).
Please note all changes take 2 weeks to activate permanently from todays date.
For the first two weeks you will need to manually change the practitioner via right clicking on the column, it will be permanent after a fortnight and beyond.

How to edit a receipt or invoice template in PPMP.

Please read the below guide on how to add images/text/letterheads into your receipts or invoices.

First enter the Account & Receipt Setup.

Select Design your accounts for invoices or Design your receipts for receipts.

First select the receipt/invoice template you would like to edit & press work on the layout.

You may press the below buttons to add text, image files or PDF documents into your template.

Click on the function you would like to add and then drag and drop where you would like this to be placed in your receipt/invoice.
(This can be moved or changed at any time)

Here is an example of adding a text box (Ensure there are quotes in the text you would like "example") & Press OK.

Now the text box is in the receipt/invoice template.
Drag and drop the box to move it around the template.
You may double click on the text to edit if required.

How to upgrade PPMP to the latest version

Press the button in your PPMP Main menu to upgrade.
If you do not have this button available, click here to download the upgrade file and open it to upgrade PPMP.

If prompted, press next/yes/install until the installation is complete.

Repeat the process with all PCs with PPMP.

All PCs at the practice must be on the same version in order for PPMP to function.

Networking the workstation PCs to the main server.

Open the database dropdown list & select the database to open.
If nothing pops up in this list then your firewall on your server is blocking the connection.
Please contact your IT service to allow port 1433 through your firewall (or antivirus firewall) on your server.

Once this is corrected, PPMP will start to open on all workstations.
Next enter in your data path into windows explorer & you should see some folders appear.
If a windows cannot access error pops up or an administrator username/password is requested, please show this to your IT service to resolve before proceeding.

After you have PPMP workstation working, do not forget to fix the data path below. (Or you will not be able to view notes/receipts/invoices/sms)

Enter in the path and press OK.

PPMP is now ready to use.

Note: Click on the question you have to display the guide.