PPMP Online Bookings

Information about PPMP Online Bookings

How it works?

*Unsuccessful bookings occur when there is detected activity in the diary time slot whilst the patient is booking online for the same time slot.
The practice will receive an unsuccessful email message with patient contact details to call & confirm a booking time.

What do I need to check in my PPMP Diary to get started?

How much does it cost?

PPMP Solution Installation Cost Per month Cost
PPMP Desktop Solution $295 (One-off) $11 per month
PPMP Cloud Solution Free Free

Can I try the demo?

How do I add it to my website?

Once PPMP Staff have installed the online bookings, they will provide you with a link to place on your website.
Please forward this email with the link in it to your website developer to install it as a Book Now button to open as a new tab on your website.
In the email you will also have PPMP editor panel access details to configure online bookings settings.

The link provided in the email must be inserted directly onto the website.
Testing the link in your website browser will change the link, this changed link must not be inserted into the website.
We do not recommend iframes for the online bookings as this may cause caching issues.