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Most Trusted Practice Management System in Australia

What is it?

Australia's leading practice management system for patient and practice administration.

Our system offers many features that other practice managements systems simply don’t offer.

Who uses it?

From single practitioners to larger multi-disciplinary clinics.

More than 10,000 practitioners in thousands of clinics looking after millions of patient records in Australia and around the world.

Where is it used?

In your clinic, out on the road or at home.

At your desk or on your laptop; anywhere you need access to your patient records or create bookings.

What are my options?

PPMP Cloud for accessing your practice management system anywhere you have an internet connection.

PPMP Desktop will install the practice management system onto your local computer.


Learn more about PPMP features

Online Bookings

Patients book themselves.

Medicare Online

Claim DVA & Bulk Bill within PPMP.

SMS Facility

Send bulk SMS reminders in a few clicks.

Attendance Notes

Record all important treatment notes.

Password Protection

Password your reports & transactions.

MYOB Integration

Upload PPMP payments into MYOB.

Xero Integration

Upload PPMP payments into Xero.

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Workcover QLD

Claim Workcover QLD via PPMP.

Automated Backups

Automate your backups to the cloud.


Link your Tyro or HICAPS terminal.

Emailing System

Email Invoices & Receipts directly.

MailChimp Integration

Import email addresses to MailChimp.

Cloud Solution

Access your PPMP remotely.

LanternPay (TAC)

TAC claiming directly with LanternPay.


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Read what people are saying about us

“I have been using PPMP for over twenty years and could not be happier.”

Glenn Ruscoe
Managing Director of Riseley Physiotherapy

“We have found that PPMP is easy to use and staff training is efficiently quick. ”

Paul Hill
Chief Executive Officer of Gippsland Physiotherapy Group

“Our clinic has had excellent support for the past 15 years. No more paper records!”

David Chiang
Director of Brown Plains Physio

“PPMP is an invaluable part of our business administration and clinical practice.”

Lauren Locke
Director of Physio Alive


See what’s included in the software

Cloud Subscription Costs

Our licensing system is concurrent. The total amount of licenses you have is the maximum amount of PPMP programs you can have open at the same time.
(You may have PPMP installed on as many PCs as you require).


All prices shown above are including GST.

Which one should I choose?

A deeper look into desktop vs web-based software

Mary chooses Desktop over Cloud

Mary has a practice in a remote area where a stable internet connection is not available to her, therefore she decides to go for the desktop solution as she will still be able to access her diary at the practice if her internet connection goes down.

Mary also prefers to control her own data & IT, desktop benefits her practice in this way as she creates the backups & stores a few copies offsite (on a USB) for emergencies. PPMP patient data is only accessible via any PC connected to the local network router only & not outside of the practice.

  • Not reliant on internet unstability.
  • Less expensive subscription costs.
  • Processing speed reliant on the local network router & server speed (not internet).
  • You own & control the patient data locally.
  • Upgrades are manually done by IT services.
  • Security of patient data is managed by you.
  • Can migrate to cloud version anytime.

Steve chooses Cloud over Desktop

Steve has a practice that is growing with multiple locations and also needs his practitioners to be able to check their diary at home if required, therefore he chooses the cloud solution as he will be able to access the diary anywhere he has a stable internet connection.

Steve also decides that he would like to reduce IT costs where he can & knows selecting the cloud solution will mean he does not need to constantly upgrade his PCs storage capacity or manage backups as they are automated by PPMP.

  • Accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Less expensive upfront costs.
  • No installation required.
  • Automated backups managed by PPMP.
  • No expensive PC maintenance costs to worry about.
  • Malware/Virus Protection.
  • Practitioners can access PPMP at home via web browser login.
  • Data stored securely within Australia only.

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SMS Return on Investment

DNAs (Did Not Attends) can have a major negative impact on a practices operational efficiency as a business.
In fact, preventing a single missed appointment typically covers the monthly cost of providing the service.

PPMP SMS Facility will allow you to send bulk sms reminders in a few clicks to all your patients.
Ensure your practice is getting its highest return by using our SMS return on investment calculator below.

Did Not Attends per month
Cost per appointment
SMS Return on Investment per month
(after SMS expenses)

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Additional services

Cloud Subscription

Desktop Subscription

SMS Advanced Management Tool
Medicare Online (DVA & EPC)
Emailing Receipts & Invoices
Attendance Notes
Terminal Integration


Workcover QLD
LanternPay (TAC Claiming)
Online Bookings
Marketing Facility
Over 100+ Reports
Medical Objects
Referral Management
Attach External Documents



Maintenance & Support

Latest PPMP Version

PPMP Central

PPMP Manual

Release Notes

Support Tool

System Requirements

Free Demo

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