PPMP Secure Message Delivery

Secure Provider-to-Provider Message Delivery
Coming soon for both PPMP Cloud & PPMP Desktop!

Encrypted messaging service of digital information such as referrals, letters, discharge summaries and other private patient data.

How does it work?

Patient data is first encrypted (by the sender) and decrypted (by the receiver) to ensure private information cannot be visible if intercepted during transmission.
We take security of patient data seriously at PPMP. Secure Message Delivery uses the latest encryption technology to ensure privacy is maintained when sending.

The Benefits to Secure Message Delivery

  • Prevent unauthorized access of intercepted data.
  • Confidential data can only be seen by treating clinicians
  • Transmission speed increase of vital patient data
  • Less paperwork

Get started with PPMP Secure Message Delivery

For further information, please contact us via email: info@ppmp.com.au