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Practice Management System Checklist

Product Features PPMP Other PMS
Australian Based Company Melbourne head office
How long has the company been in Australia Over 30 years.
How many users/Australian based users? Over 10,000. 8700 Australian based.
Free demo available? Yes for both cloud & desktop solutions.
Is there a cost to transfer from another system? No - Patient demographical data transferred for free.
Do you offer free initial training? Yes we provide initial training upon signup.
Do you offer 24/7 live support? Yes our phone lines are open 24/7 & extensive self help available on the website.
Is your cloud software hosted locally within Australia? Yes cloud data is hosted within Australia only.
Is your cloud software backed up in Australia? Yes cloud backups are stored within Australia only.
Do you have a non-cloud option? Yes we have our desktop solution which is stored at the practice.
Are daily backups taken? Yes desktop backups can be stored on any device (including USB). Cloud is automated 24/7.
Is an offline version available? Yes with our licenced desktop version.
Is the software compatible with any device (Phone/tablet/PC)? Yes our cloud version will run on any platform.
Does the software run on both windows & Mac OS? Yes our cloud version will run on both windows & Mac OS. Desktop is only windows based.
Can the software be customisable according to profession? Yes.
Does it support multi-location practices? Yes multi-location can be achieved within the one PPMP program.
Ease of migration patient data from software? Varies on a case by case.
Does it support class bookings? Yes class bookings can be made.
Is online bookings available? Yes PPMP online bookings is available as well as our partner intergrations.
Does it electronically bill third party payers? Yes Workcover QLD, TAC VIC, Medicare, DVA & All health funds.
Does it integrate with accounting software? Yes MYOB or Xero integration.
Does it integrate with payment terminals? Yes Tyro & HICAPS terminal integration.
Does it integrate with Medicare? Yes it allows you to process EPC or DVA claims from the software.
Does it integrate with NDIS? Yes via our third party integration - LanternPay.
Does it allow external documents to be uploaded to patient files? Yes with unlimited storage.
Does it include a reminder system? Yes we have a fully featured SMS reminder system.
Can you monitor stock levels & profit per item? Yes both stock levels can be monitored & profit/loss per sale reports available.
Does it include Invoicing & Receipting for patients? Yes both Invoices & Receipts can be editted to include your business logo.
Does it include expense management? No, we integrate with MYOB & Xero.
Are the reports customisable? Yes all reports are fully customisable.
Do you offer a Kiosk Self Check-in? Yes via online bookings or Jayex Patient Checkin System.
Does it support multi-disciplinary billing? Yes.
Secure messaging available? Yes via Medical Objects.
Referral & Contact management system? Yes.
Customisable clinical attendance notes / body charts Yes.
Clinical coding of diagnosing? Yes.
Customisable letter templates? Yes.
Software shortcuts via keyboard? Yes.